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At Mr. Rooter, we have been known for years by home and business owners as the best choice for any plumbing job.  Not only do we have the knowledge and experience for any plumbing project you need done, we also use only the top of the line tools and equipment to make sure we can complete each and every job correctly, safely and as quickly as possible.  In addition to our workmanship that we proudly stand behind, we also have the privilege to stand for the Mr. Rooter name which is known to many as the best in the industry.  Wearing the Mr. Rooter name means that our plumbers are all licensed, bonded, insured and ready for your call!  We are proud of the work we do and also our dedication to a world class customer service, which you will notice from the start.  Our plumbers are not only trained with the best education in the industry, but also how to treat a customer and earn their business with every step of the job.

Mr. Rooter in Central Indiana is ready now for any plumbing project you have, from a simple appliance installation to plumbing emergency in the middle of the night and everything in between!  Many people do not know that the safest way to install your new washer, dishwasher, garbage disposal or water heater is to call on a professional plumber with experience in doing the job safely and correctly.  Once your new appliance is installed, we can also help you with any repairs and maintenance checkups down the road.

Mr. Rooter is equipped to help you with the choosing, installing, repair and maintenance of any of your plumbing fixtures.  A plumbing fixture is all of the removable parts of your home such as your showers, tubs, sinks and toilets.  These certainly need replaced or updated from time to time and your Mr. Rooter Plumber is the right guy for the job.


Some of the usual plumbing jobs we do are that of fixing clogs and leaks.  Clogs happen in the drain part of any of your appliances or fixtures.  The drain is responsible for taking all of the waste water from the unit and depositing it into the sewer system.  When there is a clog that has happened from food, hair, soap or other dirt and debris, the drain will no longer be able to do this.  Mr. Rooter offers drain cleanings because of a problem or as a routine part of your home maintenance.  Where there is a drain, there’s also a pipe that brings fresh water to the appliance or fixture.  Pipes are more apt to leak or break completely either due to damage or age or faulty material.  When you notice a small leak is the right time to call Mr. Rooter, so we can fix the problem before it is an emergent situation.  Speaking of emergencies, we get called for that as well!  Plumbing emergencies happen to us all and usually at a time we are least prepared for them.  Mr. Rooter in Central Indiana has a dedication to being the emergency plumbing specialist in the area.  This means that we will respond quickly and get the problem fixed as fast as possible, to get you back to your busy day.  We are available all hours of the day and night and never charge overtime fees for our emergency services.  Just another way we pride ourselves on customer service.

Mr. Rooter in Central Indiana will be there for you and all of your plumbing needs, whether you are remodeling your home and have a huge project or have a small leak under your kitchen cabinet.  From problem solving to a flood in the middle of the night, we are ready for your call and well equipped for the job you need done.  You can rely on our workmanship and our excellent customer service with every job, from start to finish.

Call us today and learn why most other home owners have already called us.  “There’s a reason they call us Mr!”