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Proper Kitchen Sink Care

June 30, 2013 8:31 am
posted by Gear Marketing

The kitchen sink in your Indianapolis home is a busy fixture in your home and gets used every day for a variety of reasons. You wash your dishes, prepare your vegetables and can even use the kitchen sink to give a baby a bath! While they are durable and can withstand a lot of work, if your kitchen sink is not properly cared for, it can get stained, chipped and permanently damaged.

Kitchen sinks are made from a variety of materials and if yours is a specialty sink, you may want to check with the manufacturer for any specific cleaning and care requirements.

Generally speaking, if your sink is made from a light colored enamel, you will want to avoid any foods or products that could potentially create stains on the color. Acidic foods such as tomatoes or oranges can stain and cause permanent damage to the sink. Coffee and tea can also easily stain light colored, enamel sinks so you will also not want to let these items sit in the sink for any length of time. Many chemicals can cause damage to your sink if poured into them, and can cause discoloration and a breakdown of the material. Lastly, even if your sink is made out of durable stainless steel, abrasive cleaners can cause damage and should not be used often, if at all. Proper care of your kitchen sink will help it to last as long as you own your home and remain looking beautiful and working properly.


Your Plumbing and Odors

June 22, 2013 12:30 pm
posted by Gear Marketing

Your plumbing system should not have any odors coming from it and if it does, it could be for many reasons. Some of the most common of reasons include leaks in the waste or vent piping or from traps that have water seals that need replaced. This is most common with toilets and sinks and is a relatively easy project to fix with supplies that are purchased at an Indianapolis hardware store. Because your plumbing system handles many different types of waste, some odors are common and may just mean that something needs cleaned thoroughly. If the odor is coming from a sink or drain, there may be food particles stuck somewhere within the drain. However, some odors are more dangerous such as sewer gas leaks so no odor should go ignored. If the odor you are experiencing is in fact, sewer gas, it can lead to illness in a short amount of time. Symptoms from sewer gas exposure include nausea and headache. If you think you may have a sewer gas leak, calling a plumber immediately is necessary and he will use specified techniques to determine precisely where the leak is coming from and then repair it before anyone can experience negative effects from the leak. Most importantly, if you have an unknown odor coming from any part of your plumbing system, it is imperative to fixing it as soon as possible. When you call your Indianapolis plumber, we will quickly be on the job and helping your home to be rid of the odor before you know it!


Shutting Off Your Home’s Water Supply

June 14, 2013 7:28 pm
posted by Gear Marketing

There are many situations where you need to shut off the water supply to your house, either the main water supply or the supply to a specific area of your Indianapolis home. Even through there are multiple circumstances that require water to be shut off and oftentimes in an emergent way, many of us do not know how and where to turn the water off from. The first thing to know is that there are two different ways to turn your water off. You can turn the water off completely or for just one area or fixture.

Turning off the main water valve is easily done with either a wrench or your hands. It is located outside, usually on the same side of the house as your water meter. You might need a wrench, depending upon how long it has been since the wheel on the valve was turned. Many Indianapolis home owners drop some oil on the wheel at least once a year to make sure it will easily turn in an emergency.

The other area to turn off water to your home is usually found in the garage. There are several valves which are all connected to different parts of your home or to specific fixtures. These may already be labeled with what areas they are connected to, which will be very helpful to you. If they are not labeled, you will want to label them before you are faced with an emergency. If you need help with this, contact your Indianapolis plumbing company Mr. Rooter.


Using your garbage disposal

June 1, 2013 4:50 am
posted by Mr Rooter Plumbing Indianapolis

Are you using your garbage disposal correctly?

Garbage disposals have become a common staple in kitchens and are a useful appliance for the discarding of your waste water and unwanted food scraps. However, when they break it can be quite a nuisance! Using your garbage disposal correctly will help you make certain that it will work for your each and every time you need it to. All you need to know is what not to put into it and what you should do to maintain it!

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