The best time to call to have your drains cleaned is before a major emergency is happening.  As soon as you notice a sink, tub or toilet that is draining slower than it used to, call the drain cleaning specialists at Mr. Rooter in Carmel right away.  Not taking care of these problems early on can lead to a completely clogged drain and a drain that is completely clogged is at a high risk of backing up into your home, which can be quite devastating, dirty and damaging to your floors and furniture.  Water, while very harmless in the tub can quickly ruin carpet and other belongings that you have.  If you do find yourself in an emergency situation, definitely call us right away so we can respond quickly and get the emergency taken care of for you!  In addition to being the drain cleaning specialists, we also pride ourselves on quick response emergency service with every plumbing emergency you need us for.  While many home owners try and clean their drains with store bought tools and cleaners, we discourage this for many reasons.  Firstly, clogs usually happen deep within the drain, and store bought drain cleaning chemicals are only effective on small clogs close to the surface of the drain.  Also, these are harsh chemicals and unfamiliar tools that could create further damage to your drains and injury to whoever uses them.  These are all good reasons why it is always best to call the professionals.

Floor drains are the other most common drains in homes.  These are typically located in in garages, laundry rooms and basements and outside on patios or balconies.

Having these drains functioning properly is essential to make sure that your home and belongings are not damaged in the event a large amount of water enters the area, from rain or a busted pipe or broken appliance.  These drains can easily become clogged with dirt, leaves and other debris since they are located on the floor.  With so many different types of drains in the home, it is vital to make sure they are all working well. Mr. Rooter of Fishers, Indiana is your local drain cleaning expert.

Having all of your drains routinely cleaned is the best possible way to help make sure they are all working properly and not at risk for clogging soon.  At Mr. Rooter in Indianapolis, we recommend having your drains cleaned at least once a year to avoid any common problems.  While we highly recommend routine drain cleanings, some home owners don’t call us until there is a problem at hand.  A clogged drain could cause different drains like your sinks or toilets to back up all over your home and this would be called a drain cleaning emergency.  Don’t worry if this happens to you, we can help you with that as well!  In fact, we pride ourselves on our emergency response service.  Some home owners want to immediately try to fix their clogged drains themselves with store bought tools and chemicals.  While this may work, it usually does not.  The reason for this is because most clogs happen far away from the drain surface and store bough drain cleaners are only effective on clogs close to the drain surface.  In addition, these chemicals are made of harsh materials that may not be safe for you to use and you may not want them in the home.  Store bought tools for unclogging drains have caused more problems than they are worth for many homeowners, which may land you with costly repairs of pipe replacement instead of the simple drain cleaning that you needed in the first place.

Many home owners attempt to do drain cleanings by themselves, using store bought chemicals and tools.  While occasionally this can be effective, it is usually not a long term solution.  This is because drains that are clogged are usually clogged deep within the drain and store bough drain cleaner chemicals are only effective on clogs close to the surface of the drain.  Also, these drain cleaning chemicals are made from toxic and harsh materials that you may not want to deal with or have in your home.  Lastly, the tools that you can buy from any hardware store can often do more damage to your drains then good, leaving you with costly repairs and replacements of your drains.

Because we see this all the time, we recommend you leave the drain cleaning to the professionals at Mr. Rooter in Noblesville.