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With all that Mr. Rooter in Carmel does for your pipes, it’s hard to imagine that they can also be the drain cleaning experts of the area!  There are many plumbers in Carmel, but none with the equipment, tools, knowledge and experience as the dedicated team of Mr. Rooter.  We think drain cleaning is an important plumbing job and we have made it our job to know more about how to do it than the other guys.  When drain cleaning is not done correctly or with faulty tools, it can create more problems that the clog by itself.  This is why we only the best available tools and equipment to clean drains, whether it be for a routine cleaning or because of a problematic clog.

Drains clog all the time and it is usually not from anything you have done wrong, but simply due to normal usage of the drains.  Every drain in your home is different from each other and it is important to know why they clog and what you can do to avoid clogs.  Just like it is important for us to know how to fix each and every different clogged drain.  In your kitchen, drains commonly clog due to food, grease or oil and soap that go down the drain every time you wash your hands or dishes.  Since these items are all supposed to go down the drain, it’s hard to avoid problems.  The one thing you can do in your kitchen is to make sure you are not putting large scraps of food down your sink and if you have a garbage disposal, not using it for stringy types of vegetables or large chunks of meat.  Oil and grease should always be disposed of in the trash can instead of your sink, especially if your drains are susceptible to clogs.  In your bathroom, the most common substances that clog your drain are soap, hair and toothpaste.  When these combine and harden in the drain is usually when a problem clog starts.  Making sure to run warm water after spitting toothpaste down the drain, is the best way to help send it all the way through the drain so it doesn’t remain close to the drain surface.  The other type of drain most common in homes is a floor drain.  These are commonly found in garages, patios and laundry rooms and basements.  Floor drains are very important because they are put in place to quickly rid these areas of unwelcome water in the event of a broken pipe or heavy rain.  Floor drains, especially when outside can easily clog from leaves, dirt and other various debris and will not work properly if they become clogged.

When you need your drains cleaned routinely or because of an emergent problem, call Mr. Rooter in Carmel when you want the job done by the best!  Mr. Rooter is the drain cleaning specialists and will get the job done safely and effectively to get your drains flowing again!  “There’s a reason they call us Mr!”