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Mr. Rooter in Indianapolis does far more than just fix a leaky pipe from time to time.  Among our many duties, we are also experts on drain cleaning.  Most people don’t know or understand why their drains would need cleaned, and if your sinks, tubs and showers are draining normally, they might not.  But over time, drains are bound to be filled by whatever your send down them and it is just a matter of time before a slow drain becomes a fully clogged drain.  Once one of your drains becomes clogged, you can count on the fact that other drains will soon cause problems too.  All of the drains in your home start at your house and lead to the sewer system, so once one is causing problems, the others will react.  Quick response is the best response!

Your drains can become slow or clogged for many reasons, depending upon what is going down them.  Each of your rooms with plumbing will be equipped with pipes that bring clean water to the house and drains that take the waste water away.  Your kitchen sink has probably become clogged before, due to the variety of things you put down it.  Food, soap, dirt, oil and grease are the most common clogging agents.  You can help your drains by making sure you are not putting large pieces of food down the drain and even if you have a garbage disposal, making sure you aren’t putting large pieces of meat or stringy vegetables into it.  These foods tend to get stuck somewhere in the drain and can cause horrible odors.  Oil and grease are also problematic for your drains and should be deposited elsewhere, such as in the trash.  In your bathroom, the biggest drain problems are hair, soap and toothpaste.  Your sink and shower drains both have these substances to contend with and there isn’t much you can do about it.  Making sure you are running hot water after sending toothpaste and soap down the drain can help them from getting stuck.  The other usual drains found in the home are floor drains.  These are usually located in the garage and laundry rooms, in basements and on patios or balconies and are used to quickly get rid of any water that lands there.  Outside, this water could be from the elements such as rain and snow or could be from your sprinklers.  Once the floor drains become clogged with dirt, leaves and debris they will not work properly and could end up damaging your home with large amounts of sitting water.

Calling Mr. Rooter in Indianapolis for your drain cleaning needs is your safest bet in fixing this problem without adding to it.  We have the best tools available for cleaning all of the different drains in your home and we have the experience to get the job done right, safely and get your drains flowing again the way they should be!  When you need your drains cleaned, call Mr. Rooter!  “There’s a reason they call us Mr!”