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Many home owners try and repair plumbing problems on their own, using store bought tools and chemicals.  While this is certainly understandable with very minor plumbing issues and surely for those who are handy around the house, but many plumbing jobs should always be left to the professional plumbers at Mr. Rooter of Carmel. 

Many of the tools and chemicals that can be purchased at your neighborhood hardware store may appear harmless, but when used incorrectly can create quite a safety hazard for both you and the home.  We have responded to many a frustrated home owner who made a minor problem into a major one by taking on a big plumbing project himself.  When you rely on Mr. Rooter in Carmel instead of taking matters into your own hands, you are getting years of experience backed up by professional training and instruction on how to appropriately and safely use the tools necessary for every plumbing job.

Mr. Rooter is well prepared to help you with all your plumbing needs.  Whatever you need and however small or large the job is, we have done it before and we can successfully do it for you as well!  Mr. Rooter is experienced in everything from the installation and repair of all your appliances and fixtures, drain cleaning, trenchless sewer line repair and of course any leaks and clogs that you may have.  One of the most important jobs we do for home owners is preventative maintenance inspections to determine if there are any plumbing problems that may be hiding.  Even the smallest of leaks or clogs are usually the sign of a larger problem and are always best to be found and repaired as early as possible.  When Mr. Rooter of Fishers does a full inspection, we will look at your appliances and fixtures, pipes and drains and all their connections.  We are looking to make sure everything is in full working order, not in imminent danger of breaking and also examine everything to make sure it is working efficiently and not costing you unnecessary money on your utility bills.  Unfortunately, we sometimes only hear from home owners when they have an emergency situation, but we can certainly help you with that as well!  From inspections to emergencies, whenever you need a plumber, call Mr. Rooter of Fishers.  “There’s a reason they call us Mr!”

Mr. Rooter of Indianapolis is ready for your call, anytime of the day and night for all of your plumbing needs.  We have helped home owners in the Indianapolis area with projects like appliance installations, trenchless sewer line repair, sump pumps and everything to do with your pipes and drains of course!  When you need a new dishwasher, garbage disposal or water heater, call on us as the professional plumbers to make sure it is properly and safely working and save yourself the time and possible injuries!  Regular maintenance checks of your entire plumbing system is another important job we do.  Having this done helps reassure home owners that there isn’t a pending plumbing emergency that could have been fixed earlier, saving time and money and water.  When we do a full inspection, we look for any leaks or problems with all of your appliances, fixtures, pipes and drains and if any problems are found, make a plan to get them repaired.  This way, the repairs can be done at a time when it is the most convenient for you and not as an emergency in the middle of the night!  Small plumbing problems can turn into emergencies in the blink of an eye, so we highly recommend routine inspections to make sure everything is in perfect working order.

Many home owners are tempted to try their hand at plumbing repairs on their own.  We know that you only have the best of intentions and are trying to save some time and money by doing repairs yourself.  Because we have seen this go poorly so many times, we have to discourage you!  Home owners that purchase tools and chemicals at the hardware store to do their own home repairs often end up with larger problems than they started out with.  Most of the time, a leak or a clog is not a simple fix like many people think it is.  Commonly, it is the sign of a much bigger problem which is not visible without the use of professional plumbing equipment which allows plumbing professionals to see exactly where problems are, what they are caused by and determine how will be best to fix them.  Using store bought tools can not only harm your plumbing, but yourself as well!  Your safest bet is to rely on the trained and experience professionals at Mr. Rooter of Noblesville for all your plumbing repairs.