When home owners in Carmel need a plumber, Mr. Rooter is the one they most often call and for many good reasons!  The plumbers that proudly wear the Mr. Rooter name know that the Mr. Rooter name comes with an expectation of being the best.  Being the best means that we not only have more knowledge and experience than the other plumbers, but we also have a dedication to providing a world class customer service that is simply not found often enough anymore.  You will hear the friendliness in our voice when you first call to make your appointment and when we get to your home, the kindness and respect continues until the job is finished.  Even the way we park and enter your home will show that we have better service than other plumbers in the Carmel area.  We are proud of being Mr. Rooter plumbers and that fact that we enjoy what we do will show through in whatever we are doing.  Whether we are there for a middle of the night plumbing emergency, or a routine maintenance check of your drains, you will be glad you called Mr. Rooter in Carmel every time.

Mr. Rooter’s plumbers in Carmel are specialists in all plumbing jobs, from large to small.  Some of the more popular projects that home owners call us for is drain cleaning, trenchless sewer line repair and the installation, repair and maintenance of all your fixtures and appliances such as your sump pump and you water heater.  In addition, we are also the leading commercial plumber in the area, so if you are a business owner as well as a home owner, we can help you at work and at home.  Many home owners don’t know this, but we offer preventative maintenance checks of your entire plumbing system as well.  This is extremely important for home owners because it allows us to come into your home at a time that is convenient for you, and inspect everything from your pipes and drains to your appliances and fixtures and determine if there are any problems.  If we do find any issues, or if you are in the market for a more efficient plumbing appliance, we can then schedule the work to be done when it will be the most convenient for you.  And having any plumbing repairs done before they become an emergency is just better for you, every time.  Making these plumbing repairs before it becomes an emergent need lessens the chance you will be out of water, in the midst of a situation that may be damaging to your home and dangerous for your family and the repairs can be worked into your busy schedule and your home’s budget.  However, if you do experience or suspect a plumbing emergency, Mr. Rooter in Carmel is the leading plumber for all your emergency needs, too!

Our plumbers have the highest level of education including ongoing training for any new techniques and practices that are developed and we only use the best tools to make sure we are doing each and every job with the level of accuracy and efficiency that Mr. Rooter customers have come to trust in over the years.  In addition to having the best tools and most experience, Mr. Rooter plumbers have access to the specialty products that have been developed for and used only by Mr. Rooter plumbers.  This is just one of the ways we prove we are the best plumbers for the job with every single job we do.  With Mr. Rooter in Carmel, “There’s a reason they call us Mr!”

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