When you need a plumber in Indianapolis, how do you know who to call?  While most plumbers are licensed, bonded and insured, you most likely want more than just a plumber who knows how to unclog your kitchen sink.  Mr. Rooter of Indianapolis is relied upon by more home and business owners in the area because they offer more than just a plumber.  When a plumber stands beside the Mr. Rooter name, they are saying that they not only are the best but that they strive to be even better.  Mr. Rooter plumbers are known for the quality work, exceptional business ethic and loyalty to excellent customer service that they provide with each and every plumbing project.  Whether you call us on a Sunday afternoon with a busted pipe or for a routine inspection or installation, you will get the same excellent service every time.  Wearing the Mr. Rooter name means more than being just a plumber to our team and that shows with how much they enjoy what they do.  Quality work done by experienced plumbers who respect their customers.  That’s why most home owners call on Mr. Rooter!

The Mr. Rooter team of plumbers makes it a point to learn all they can about the plumbing profession, because new techniques are developed almost every day.  Starting out as the highest trained plumbers isn’t enough for the Mr. Rooter team, because we know that we can always be better.  Knowing the most we can about plumbing helps us diagnose your plumbing problems in a fraction of the time that a less experienced plumber does.  And knowing how to safely use our tools, equipment and specialized Mr. Rooter products allows us to fix the problem just as fast.  Working quickly doesn’t mean that we skimp on details or quality, it simply means that we have the tools, skills and experience to get the job done swiftly and get you back to enjoying your day.  Many home owners are interested in the idea of doing plumbing repairs on their own, with materials they purchased at the hardware store.  We understand the thought behind this, you can get the work done for a little less expensive and all will be good.  However, at Mr. Rooter, we have seen many times how a quick and simple plumbing repair has turned into costly replacements of your pipes or drains.  Using store bought tools and chemicals can easily cause damage to your plumbing system when they are used incorrectly.  Similarly, the chemicals that are sold at the store are made out of harsh materials that can be dangerous to have in your home, let alone actually use.  Whenever you have any kind of plumbing problem, it is always a safe idea to leave it to the professionals at Mr. Rooter, no matter how good a home handyman you may be!

When you need a plumber in Indianapolis, there are plenty to choose from.  But if you want the plumbing team that has been trusted in more often than anyone else in the area, trust in the team at Mr. Rooter.  Our name has long been known as the best and we are proud of that.  “There’s a reason they call us Mr!”

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