Knowing where your sump pump sends the water to is an important part of homeownership as well.  Older homes used to have their pumps connected to the public sewer system and water would be pumped into the sewer as they were used.  This has become a violation, since it does not coincide with keeping the water clean.  Therefore, any sump pump should be wired to send water into a dry well or other safe area once it is pumped.  If your pump is connected to something like a large tub in your laundry room or bathroom, you may need to have the line re-installed   Mr. Rooter in Carmel is knowledgeable and cautious to follow all laws and regulations with sump pumps and we will make sure yours is routed to the correct place and help you avoid fees and citations.  Whether you need your existing sump pump repaired or checked for effectiveness or an entirely new sump pump installed, always count on the experienced professional plumbers of Mr. Rooter in Carmel for the job.  We have the most experience in the area and will make sure you are well protected during any floods.  Experience, knowledge and customer service all make us the best in the area!  “There’s a reason they call us Mr!”

Your sump pump has a very important job to do whenever there is unwanted water flowing into your home.  If the sump pump isn’t working correctly, you could be left with thousands of dollars of damage to your home’s foundation, walls, floors and even your furniture.  Because of this, Mr. Rooter recommends routine examinations of your sump pump and the line that disperses the water elsewhere to be sure all are in good working order for when you need it to be.

Whether Mr. Rooter is there to examine your sump pump or install a new one, we will help you choose the right style of pump, make sure that the pump is put in where it should be, that it is an adequate size and horsepower and that it is sending water to a proper area and not into the public sewer system.

Many home owners attempt to install and repair their sump pumps on their own and we discourage this.  Having a sump pump that isn’t functioning the way you need it to when an emergency situation is in your home, will be far more costly than relying on Mr. Rooter in the first place.a  We have the experience, tools and knowledge to make sure your pump is functioning correctly and safely each and every time you need it to.

Injuries happen every day when home owners try to take on tasks best left to the professionals and we don’t want this to happen to you.  Call Mr. Rooter in Indianapolis for all your safe and sound plumbing needs and you won’t be sorry.  “There’s a reason they call us Mr!”

When you need a new sump pump or yours needs repairs, it is always best to let Mr. Rooter of Noblesville do the job.  Attempting this yourself puts you at risk for injury or having a sump pump that is not working as efficiently as you need it to when a flood happens.  Having a malfunctioning sump pump can cost you far more money than trusting the professionals at Mr. Rooter to do the job in the first place.  Having your sump pump maintained by a licensed plumber is the best way to ensure it will properly work when you need to do, saving you thousands of dollars in home repairs that could be become a problem from water damage.  When you think of sump pumps, think of Mr. Rooter in Noblesville for all your sump pump needs.  From installation and repair to servicing and maintenance, Mr. Rooter is your sump pump expert.  Just like with all your plumbing needs, “There’s a reason they call us Mr!”