If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, you most likely know what a sump pump is and how it works.  But do you know who to call if yours isn’t pumping correctly or if you are in need of a new one?  In Fishers, the best plumber for the job is the experienced staff at Mr. Rooter.  Mr. Rooter’s team of exceptional plumbers have made it their job to be the best of the best when it comes to the installation, repair and maintenance of sump pumps in the Fishers area.  Simply relying on a licensed plumber isn’t always the best, just like doing vital plumbing jobs yourself.  Plumbers that are not specialized or experienced in sump pumps may miss crucial parts of the installation and maintenance procedure and you may find your home inadequately protected when the next heavy rain occurs.  Installing or repairing your sump pump yourself can land you in a similar situation, in addition to the safety aspect.  Sump pumps are heavy and are connected to electricity and plumbing.  It is best to let the licensed and insured plumbers make sure all is installed correctly and safely for you and your home.

The first decision that your Mr. Rooter plumber will help you decide is whether you want a pedestal style sump pump or a submersible sump pump.  While there are benefits to both, the submersible models are more popular, since they are smaller, easier to install and need less maintenance.  Your pump can also be installed with an extra battery backup, which may be preferred if your home or the area you live in is prone to power outages.  Making sure that your sump pump can still work without power is essential to avoiding massive damages to your home.  Next, you want to make sure your pump is of adequate size and horsepower.  Mr. Rooter will ask you questions to determine what size will be best for your home and flooding needs.  Generally, the size is dependent upon how much water you estimate floods into your basement, measured by gallons.  Next, you will decide what horsepower your pump needs to be.  Most sump pumps are adequate to pump water that reaches the basement ceiling.  If you believe you need one stronger than this, Mr. Rooter will help you with that choice.  Once the style and size of pump is decided, your sump pump should be installed at the lowest point of the basement or where water is most likely to enter the room first, so it can quickly start getting rid of the water.  Mr. Rooter will also establish that your sump pump is connected to an appropriate source for disposing of the water.  Sump pumps used to pump discarded water into the public water system but this has long been decided to be unsafe and unsanitary.  The pump should send the water to a dry well or other place where is appropriate.  If you have any worries that your sump pump is connected to an incorrect disposing source, call Mr. Rooter and we will help you make sure you are not in violation of any codes.  Once your sump pump is installed correctly by the Mr. Rooter team, you can consider your home to be safely protected against future floods.

Mr. Rooter in Fishers is the best choice for the installation, repair and maintenance of your sump pump system.  Making sure your pump is installed and working correctly is essential to saving your home and belongings from excessive damage during times of difficult weather, so you can’t be too careful!  Mr. Rooter in Fishers, “There’s a reason they call us Mr!”