If you live in an area where flooding is common, you are probably familiar with a sump pump and what it does.  In Indianapolis, they are quite usual and Mr. Rooter is the plumber you want on the job for the installation, repair and maintenance for your sump pump.  This is simply because we have the most experience with sump pumps of all kinds.  Along with that training and experience, we also have the best tools and equipment available to repair yours or replace it, as the need may be.  In fact, Mr. Rooter in Indianapolis is the expert plumber that most home owners rely on for all their plumbing needs.

Chances are you have experienced exactly what a sump pump is used for and one has saved your home from costly damages due to floods.  Water, while innocent in a drinking glass, can cause much destruction when it is flooding through the basement of your home.  A sump pump is usually found in the basement of homes and is used to remove water from where it shouldn’t be.  Without a properly working sump pump in place, your home is at a huge risk for massive and costly repairs.  Sump pumps are installed where flooding happens regularly and are also used to remedy dampness in places where the water table is above a home’s foundation.  To ensure your sump pump is working the best and most efficient way possible, sump pumps should be installed where water enters the basement, or at the lowest place in the flooding area.  Sump pumps effectively send the unwanted water to the storm drain, well or wherever it will no longer be a concern.  In older homes, the sump pumps were wired to send the water into the sewage system.  This is no longer an acceptable practice as it violates plumbing codes.  Many older homes have sump pumps that pump into large laundry room or mud room sinks within the house.  If this is the case with yours, it is most likely pumping into the public sewer system.  If you think yours might be wired this way, Mr. Rooter in Indianapolis will gladly inspect your sump pump and make sure it is sending water to an appropriate place.

If you feel you may need a new sump pump, there are two types to choose from.  These are generally referred to as pedestal and submersible.  Most homeowners and plumbers alike will prefer the submersible, as they are smaller, easier to install and require less maintenance than the pedestal version.  When you trust in Mr. Rooter of Indianapolis, we will explain the benefits of both and help you make the best decision for your home’s needs.  It is also possible and sometimes recommended to get a sump pump with a battery backup, if power outages are common in your area or home.  This is a simple fix, as the sump pump works off of a battery similar to a car battery.

Your Mr. Rooter technician will also help you determine what size sump pump you need for your home, along with how high it should pump.  This is generally determined by how many gallons you believe are flooding into your basement.  Most sump pumps are made to be effective for water levels up to the basement ceiling.  If you believe you would need a unit that pumps higher than this, your Mr. Rooter plumber will help you with that decision as well.  In addition to the installation of your sump pump, Mr. Rooter in Indianapolis can also help you with any repairs that you think may need done.  Or perhaps even more importantly, Mr. Rooter offers routine inspections of your sump pump to make sure it is working properly before you need it to rid your home of dangerous and damaging flooding water.