When your sewer line is in need of a repair, do you know who to call that can do the job correctly and quickly while using the latest in sewer line repair techniques?  Mr. Rooter in Carmel is who to call for all your sewer line needs.  In addition to being the best plumber in the area for the rest of your home’s pipes and drains, Mr. Rooter of Carmel is also the expert for your sewer line.  Your sewer line may need repaired due to several different factors.  Sometimes the sewer line has just been in place for a long time and is just worn and old.  The materials that used to be utilized to construct sewer lines is not as durable as the materials that are available today, so older lines are more apt to break or crack.  Some of the more common reasons sewer lines can crack and break are from settling soil and root infiltration from nearby trees or bushes.  When you call Mr. Rooter in Carmel to examine your sewer line, we use the most up to date technology to pinpoint exactly where the problem is, allowing us to fix it the best way possible.  Using specialized video cameras lets us determine what the damage is and where it is located so we can minimize the damage done to your yard while we work.  Traditional sewer line repair was done using a backhoe to dig up the grass and dirt over the sewer line and then replace it when the project is done.  We use trenchless sewer line repair which leaves almost no damage to your yard, saving your money on costly landscaping fees.  While there are many plumbers in the Carmel area, Mr. Rooter is one of the very few that have the experience, training and tools to do trenchless sewer line repair.

The two different types of trenchless sewer line repair are pipe relining and pipe replacement.  When your Mr. Rooter technician establishes what the problem is, we will then decide which method of repair we think will be the best for your specific problem.  With pipe relining, a flexible but durable liquid is inserted into the pipe, to the area that is broken or cracked.  Then, an inflatable tube is inserted and left in place until the liquid dries.  Once this happens, the tube is deflated and removed and what is left in place is a new, sturdy tube that is free of cracks or breaks.  Pipe relining is usually used when there is a small break in the sewer line.  When we use the pipe replacement method, a new pipe is actually inserted into the ground, using the existing pipe as a guide.  The new pipe breaks up the old pipe as it passes through and it is not necessary to remove the old pipe from the ground.  All that is then left to do is connect the ends of the new pipe where the old one is already connected and your new pipe is ready to use.  This method is commonly used when there is extensive damage or a larger sewer line is necessary for your home’s needs.  With both pipe relining and pipe replacement, the new pipe is stronger and more effective than the old pipe was and will last for many years, possibly your lifetime.  There will be almost no repairs needed for your yard, so once we are packed up and gone, it will look as if we were never there!  Trenchless sewer line repair is the latest in technology in this field and has made it possible to more easily repair sewer lines in places where it was unsafe to use a backhoe or to protect beautiful yards, landscaping and nearby trees and bushes.