When your sewer line needs repaired or replaced, Mr. Rooter in Fishers is the best plumber in the area for the job.  Your sewer line is an important part of your home’s plumbing system because it is the responsibility of the sewer line to take all of the waste water from each of your drains away from your home and into whatever sewage system you use.  There are multiple reasons why your sewer line would be in need of repair and several different ways to repair it, depending on the problem.  Your sewer line could be cracked or broken just from age or older, worn pipes.  This is mostly true with older homes that have their existing sewer lines in place.  Another reason is that something has actually damaged the sewer line.  Most commonly, this is due to the soil around the line settling or from root infiltration from close trees or large bushes.  Many times when these things are planted, it is not known where the roots may go and sometimes they grow right into the sewer line.  Whatever your sewer line issue is, there is a way to fix it.  When your Mr. Rooter plumber inspects your sewer line, he will determine which will be the best method for repair and will advise you on all possible solutions, before you decide which way you would like to proceed with this important home improvement repair.  Most homeowners rely on Mr. Rooter for all of their plumbing needs and sewer line repair is no exception.  This is because Mr. Rooter has the most experience in sewer line repair and we are proud of our ongoing training and skills, including the latest in sewer lines, which is trenchless sewer line repair.

Trenchless sewer line repair is far preferred over traditional sewer line repair, thanks to the reduction in damage to your landscaping.  With traditional sewer line repair, a backhoe is used to dig up the ground that is covering the sewer line.  Once the line is repaired, then the dirt is replaced.  Once everything is said and done, you are now left with the task of replanting grass, flowers and anything else that was disturbed.  Since Mr. Rooter is one of the only plumbers in the area to specialize in trenchless sewer line repair, we can get the job done without significant harm to your yard.  There are two main methods to trenchless sewer line repair and both utilize a specialized video camera that inspects for the location of the cracks or breaks.  The first method of trenchless sewer line repair is pipe relining.  When pipe relining is done, a pliable material is inserted into the sewer line, focusing on where the damage is.  Next, an inflatable tube is inserted into the line, holding the new tube material in place until it dries.  Once dried, the tube is deflated and removed, leaving behind a new and sturdier sewer line.  If pipe replacement is recommended, it may be because the area is more extensively damaged.  When this is done, a new tube is inserted into the place, using the existing tube as a guide.  The new tube breaks up the old tube as it goes through.  All that is left to do once the new tube is in place is to connect it to the plumbing that goes to your house on one end and into the sewer system at the other end.  Pipe replacement is also an effective way to give your home a sewer line that is larger in diameter as well as stronger and free of breaks.