You probably think of Mr. Rooter for your pipe and drain needs or maybe even for your water heater, but when you think of trenchless sewer lines, you may not know that plumbers take care of those, too!  Mr. Rooter in Indianapolis is the area expert when it comes to sewer lines and more specifically, trenchless sewer lines.  We not only possess the training and experience to install, repair and maintain your sewer lines, but we also have the most up to date equipment and tools which allow us to get the job done faster and without extensive damage to your yard.

It used to be that any time you needed your sewer line repaired that you would lose most of your yard and landscaping to the job.  This is absolutely true in the case of traditional sewer line repair.  However nowadays, with the technology of trenchless sewer line repair, your beautiful landscaping is left almost completely unharmed!  Traditional sewer line repair required a backhoe to dig up the yard and expose the sewer line and then after the repair, the dirt was replaced.  With the trenchless method, special equipment including video cameras are used to visualize the area that needs repaired, allowing for more precise work to be done in the specific location.  With trenchless sewer line repair, there are two methods commonly used by Mr. Rooter in Indianapolis, pipe relining and pipe replacement.

Pipe relining is the method of actually relining the existing pipe to make an even stronger pipe that is free of breaks, cracks or problems.  First, the video camera is used to determine exactly where the problem lies.  Then, a durable but pliable material is inserted into the pipe.  To hold the material in place until it dries, an inflatable tube is then inserted and then inflated.  Once the material dries, the tube is simply removed and the newly relined pipe is smooth, complete and ready to go.  The only damage to your yard when pipe relining is done is at the start point where the materials are inserted but even so, this is quite minimal.  Pipe relining is usually done when there is a very minor break or crack in the sewer line.  Your Mr. Rooter technician will let you know if this is the method that will work best for your specific sewer line problem.

Pipe replacement is the other technique used with trenchless sewer line repair.  With pipe replacement, a new pipe is inserted within your existing pipe, breaking up the old pipe as it goes through.  There is no need to remove the old and broken pipe pieces, as they will not do any harm remaining in the ground.  Once the new pipe is in place, it is only necessary to connect the ends of the pipe where the old pipe was connected and then your new pipe is ready for usage.  With pipe replacement, there is also minimal damage to your yard, usually only at both ends of where the pipe is connected to your plumbing.  Pipe replacement is used for more extensive damage, such as tree root infestation or when a large portion of the pipe is damaged.