With all the plumbing jobs that Mr. Rooter of Noblesville does, it’s hard to imagine that we also install, repair and maintain sewer lines, too!  When it comes to your sewer line, you definitely want someone who is an expert at the job and Mr. Rooter is just that.  Sewer lines are an intricate portion of your plumbing system and when it is broken, leaking or in need of repairs, all of the plumbing in your home will not function properly.  There are many reasons why your sewer lines could develop breaks or cracks.  The most common is simply that the sewer lines are old and have deteriorated due to many years of use.  The materials that were used in the past to construct sewer lines were not as sturdy as the materials we use today so they were more susceptible to breaks and corrosion.  The other most common reason for sewer line problems is root infiltration from nearby trees and large bushes.  Roots can do hearty damage to your sewer line if they come in contact with each other.  When this happens, the trained professionals at Mr. Rooter in Noblesville will advise you on all the possible techniques for repair.

In the past, the only way to repair broken sewer lines was using the traditional method.  This is when a backhoe is used to dig a large trench that was usually the entire length of the sewer line.  Next, the broken portion of the sewer line was found and repaired.  After, dirt was replaced and you were left redoing your yard and landscaping.  This is no longer necessary when the trenchless sewer line repair method is used and Mr. Rooter in Noblesville is one of the few plumbing outfits that have the knowledge and equipment to perform this method.  Due to the extensive tools, equipment and training necessary to do trenchless sewer line repair, it can be slightly more expensive than the traditional repair method, but is well worth the cost savings of not having to recreate your beautiful yard.  After an inspection, your Mr. Rooter technician will explain all of the options and determine which will be the best for your particular job.

The two methods of trenchless sewer line repair are pipe relining and pipe replacement.  With both of these methods, video cameras are used to inspect the line and determine which area is damaged and examine the extent of the damage.  Once the exact problem is identified, then your Mr. Rooter technician will explain which method of repair is recommended.  Pipe relining is used with small sewer line cracks and breaks, while pipe replacement can be useful for larger breaks.  When pipe relining is used, a pliable but strong material is inserted into the sewer line and then an inflatable tube like device is inserted and inflated.  Once the material dried, the tube is removed and what is left in place is a new, stronger sewer line that is without cracks or breaks.  If pipe replacement is necessary, then Mr. Rooter will insert a new pipe into the old pipe, breaking up the old pipe as it passes and leaving behind a new, larger and stronger pipe that is free of breaks and damage.  In both cases, the damage to your yard is minimal and is usually just at either end, where the work is done and the new sewer lines are connected to your home.  Both of these methods are obviously less damaging to your yard, but can also be used in places where using a backhoe might be rendered risky or absolutely dangerous.  These methods are also common in small areas where a backhoe simply wouldn’t fit.  While not all plumbers are equipped to safely and correctly use either of the trenchless repair methods, Mr. Rooter of Noblesville is.