Often, we get calls because a water heater is simply not providing enough hot water for the needs of a family.  This may not mean that yours is broken, but just not effective enough for your needs.  Some home owners opt to install a second water heater if this is the case, or to just update theirs for a larger or more efficient model.  Other times, we are called because a water heater is leaking.  Sometimes this can be fixed with a replacement part that has perhaps broken and other times it is that the water heater has lived its life and needs replaced altogether.

Other troubleshooting calls we get are that a water heater is making loud noises, sweating or have stopped providing hot water.  When Mr. Rooter of Carmel comes to examine your water heater, we can quickly diagnose the problem and get your hot water flowing again soon.

There are two types of water heaters to choose from and your Mr. Rooter plumber will help you decide which one will be best for your family.  A traditional water heater is the kind with a large tank that holds the water, and heats it up until you are ready to use it.  Because the tank size limits how much hot water you have available, it is possible to run out of hot water if the tank is not big enough or if you do an extra amount of hot water to do laundry, or have too many people showering in a short amount of time.  Water heater tanks can also end up costing you more money on your water and heating bills, since the water can evaporate within the tank and your electricity is working hard to constantly make sure the water is at a certain temperature.  Because of the unnecessary costs, many home owners apt to install a tankless water heater when it is time for a new one.  With the tankless model, the water is instantaneously heated when you need it.  This way, you never run out of hot water and there is no water wasted.  The tankless model is also much smaller than the traditional model, which saves you helpful storage space in your garage or closet.  Because of its small size, a tankless water heater can be installed just about anywhere, usually in a central location of the home.  Home owners frequently notice a savings on both their water and heating bills after installing a tankless model.

There are many signs that your water heater may need serviced or replaced.  The most obvious is when you start running out of hot water or your water takes too long to heat up after it has been used.

Sometimes, your water heater temperature can be adjusted to fix this problem, but often it is a bigger problem and just a signal that your water heater is ready for an upgrade.  Loud noises, leaking or the water heater sweating are more signs that there could be a problem.

When you first notice any signs of trouble with your water heater, that is the best time to call the professionals at Mr. Rooter in Indianapolis.

In addition to new water heater installation and existing water heater repair services, we also offer preventative maintenance checks to ensure your water heater is performing well for all of your hot water needs.  Many home owners rely on our preventative service checks as part of their regular dedication to responsible home maintenance.

When you need a new water heater or need yours serviced, Mr. Rooter in Noblesville is the plumber to call for all your needs.  When you trust in us as your plumber, you will always get the help you need and the service you want.

Your neighbors already trust Mr. Rooter in Noblesville and now it is your turn.  “There’s a reason they call us Mr!”