Your water heater is something you use every day, yet you probably don’t think much about it.  That is, until it isn’t working correctly.  Although your water heater should last for many years, when there is a problem it can negatively affect many of your daily duties such as showering, laundry, dishwashing and even enjoying a cup of tea.  Depending upon what kind of water heater you have and how you use it, your water heater should provide you with enough hot water every day to do all of your chores as well as provide everyone in your family the luxury of a warm bath or shower.  If your water is not providing enough hot water, it may be time for a new one.  At Mr. Rooter in Indianapolis, we are proud of our knowledge and service with water heaters and we look forward to sharing that with you.  There are several different things to consider when you need a new water heater and we will ask you questions to determine which water heater style and size will best fit the needs of your family.  In addition to helping you choose your water heater, we are also the experts to rely on for its installation, repair and maintenance.

The two main different types of water heaters are traditional and tankless.  While there are benefits to both, the service technicians with Mr. Rooter in Indianapolis will explain why we think one would be better for you over the other, but ultimately it will be your decision.  Traditional water heaters are by far the most popular, if for no other reason than they have been used for longer and therefore are seen in more homes and businesses.  Traditional models are also known as tank models and they are noticeable because of the large tank that holds the water.  Water is filtered into the tank from your pipes and then the tank heats the water until you are ready to use it.  These traditional tanks come in several different sizes, for different sized families.  For example, a one bedroom apartment will probably have a smaller tank than a four bedroom house.  They only hold so much water and you are at risk for running out of hot water if several hot water needs are being filled in a short amount of time, such as the dishwasher, washing machine and someone showering.  Another downside is that you may spend more on your heating and water bills than is necessary, since some amount of evaporation happens within the tank and the tank has to heat up the water as it cools down, even if you didn’t use any.  With the tankless models, the water is heated instantaneously as you need it, which can save you hundreds of dollars per year on your water and electricity bills.  The tankless water heaters are very small and can be installed almost anywhere, saving you valuable storage space.  Since the water is heated as you use it, there is no risk of running out of water or using all of it, which is a huge benefit to larger families.  Because they are more extensive to install, they can cost slightly more than the traditional tank water heaters, however you will save money on your monthly utility bills.

Examining your water heater earlier is the best way for us to see if it simply needs repaired or to start thinking about a replacement before you are completely left without hot water.  If this is the case, we will be on the job as soon as we can to get you a new water heater or repair yours, since we have a dedication to emergency plumbing services of all kinds!  Once we examine the problem, we will help you determine your next step and what water heater will be the best for you.  Mr. Rooter in Indianapolis is the name to remember when you want excellent service for your water heater.  “There’s a reason they call us Mr!”