When your water heater breaks, it can leave you with cold showers and dirty dishes until the problem is fixed!  Relying on our water heaters have become a necessary part of our daily lives, and for good reason!  They make the daily tasks of showering, laundry and doing dishes so much easier, allowing us greater time to spend on more important things.  Whether your water heater just isn’t hot enough or is broken altogether, Mr. Rooter in Fishers is the plumbing team to call!  We know more about water heaters than other plumbers in the area because we have made it our job to be the most knowledgeable, most trained and most reliable plumber in the area.  Along with water heater repairs, Mr. Rooter can help you with everything from choosing the best water heater for your family all the way through to installing and maintaining it.

There are many things to look for when your water heater may need servicing.  The most obvious being that it simply isn’t providing any hot water, but most often there are signs leading up to that.  Having your water heater fixed sooner than later can be the difference between catching a problem that will result in your water heater being repaired and needing to replace yours altogether.  Most home owners will notice that their water is taking longer than normal to heat up, or that they run out of hot water sooner than they used to.  Not having adequate hot water definitely puts a damper on everyone’s morning routines and chores, which can lead to unnecessary stress for the family.  In addition to not having enough hot water, your water heater tank may tell you that there is a problem brewing.  If it is sweating, leaking or making loud noises, it is time to have it inspected.  When your water heater is generally working too hard to do the job, it is usually just a matter of time before it quits altogether.  Often, a family will realize that their water heater is working just fine but is simply just not suitable or large enough for their growing family.  When a traditional water heater is used, a larger family will need a larger water heater than a single person, due to the amount of water that is used.

Mr. Rooter in Fishers is ready to help you with a new water heater or maintenance and repairs of your existing model.  If your water heater is simply not providing you with the hot water you need to help you and your family with your daily regimen, call Mr. Rooter for information on having a new one installed that will be more beneficial to your family’s needs.  When you rely on Mr. Rooter, you are counting on a well-known and educated team of plumbers that most families in the Fishers area already trust in for their plumbing needs.  From pipes and drains to water heaters, Mr. Rooter is the expert!  “There’s a reason they call us Mr!”